Yellowfin Curvina: LKA: Curvina Aleta Amarilla. Excellent table fare. 

Leopard Grouper, locally known as Cabrillo Pinta. This fish is excellent table-fare. 

Colorado Snapper: LKA Colorado. Known worldwide for their great taste and formidable fighting. 

Pacific Black Snook

This 14.1 lb. catch by Dan Stewart is very significant in that it was the winner of the first El cid Marina International Snook challenge 2017. Excellent table fare. Ceviche, baked, fish sticks or garlic buttered filets.    

Spotted Rose Snapper: LKA: Flamenco These pink fish are abundant. They don't get over 7-9 lbs. but fight well and taste great.

Barred Sbapper: LKA: Coconaco. Worthy fighters and good table fare. 

Yellow Snapper: LKA: Pargo Amarillo Fun to catch, they don'g get over 7-9 lbs. but taste just as good as their cousins to the left. 

While not common knowledge in the fishing world, Mazatlan has world-class bottom fishing. Large Snook, Snapper, Seabass, Grouper and Pampano top the list. We catch 5 different species of snapper, 5 of grouper and 3 of seabass. With the all year availability of small to large live shrimp the odds of catching these trophy fish are in your favor. If you are with the right captain and we spot mackerel, sabiki-time and we are onto hunt the the XL fish.  Come check it out for yourself, call or email me for information on who to charter. All of the fish below were recently caught here in Mazatlan. Tight Lines.  

Orangemouth Corvina: LKA: Chata Caught by Ms. iFishMazatlan 2017. Excellent table fare. 

Dogtooth Snapper: LKA Pargo Prieto. This one is a beast, great fighter and delicious eating.