Shortfin Mako Shark, Isurus oxyrinchus

Edible but for me a catch and release only.

Parrot Sand Bass: Paralabrax loro

A fish of guest appearances, I'm told is great to eat, I will circle back after I've tried one.

Shout out to J. Snow for ID. 

Pacific Black Snook: LKA Robalo, Centropomus nigrescens

This 14.1 lb. catch by Dan Stewart is very significant in that it was the winner of the first El Cid Marina International Snook challenge 2017. Excellent table fare. 

Colorado Snapper: LKA  Pargo Colorado, Lutjanus Colorado​​

Excellent table fare and put up a great fight.

Yellowfin Corvina: LKA Aleta, Cynoscion stolzmanni 

Excellent table fare, one of my favorites. 

The Gulf Coney: LKA Baqueta, Hyporthodus acanthistius 

is a species in the Grouper family collectively known as cabrillas and garropas in Mexico. They are excellent table fare, of my favorite.  (Thanks John) 

Blackblotch Pompano: LKA Pampano Trachinotus kennedyi

Great fighters, not so much for the table fare. 

Gulf Grouper,  LKA: Baqueta. Mycteroperca jordani 

They are great eatin' and fun to catch. mazatlan world class fishing

World Class Bottom Fishing

Orangeside or Fileskin Triggerfish:

LKA Cochito Payaso

Sufflamen verres

Edible but nothing special. 

While not common knowledge in the fishing community, Mazatlan has amazing bottom fishing. Large Snook, Snapper, Seabass, Grouper and Pampano top the list. We catch 5 different species of snapper, 3 of grouper and 3 of seabass. With the all year availability of small to large live shrimp the odds of catching these trophy fish are in your favor. If one is with the right captain and we spot mackerel, sabiki-time and we are onto hunt the the XL fish. There are also occasions where we will cast-net for Mullet and use them live which produces some amazing catches. Come check it out for yourself, call or email me for information on who to charter. All of the fish below were recently caught here in Mazatlan. Tight Lines. (LKA-Locally Known As) 

Pacific Needlefish: LKA Agujon, Tylosurus pacificus 

Crazy fish, fighters, kind of a pain and so so table fare at best. 

Pacific Dog Snapper:  LKA Pargo Prieto, Lutjanus novemfasciatus​​

Strong fighter, cagey and delicious eating. 

Barred Snapper: LKA: Coconaco. Hoplopagrus guentheri 

Worthy fighters and good table fare. 

Blunthead Triggerfish: 

LKA Cochito

Pseudobal-istes naufragium

Triggerfish family. Edible. 

Spotted Rose Snapper: LKA: Flamenco. Lutjanus guttatus 

These pink fish are abundant. They don't get over 7-9 lbs. but fight well and taste great.

African Pampano: LKA Pampano, Alectis Ciliaris  

These fish fight like Toros, can be good to eat but require some preparation.

Spotted Grouper: LKA  Cabrilla Pinta. Epinephelus analogus  This fish is excellent table-fare. 

Orangemouth Corvina: LKA: Chata, Cynoscion xanthulus

Caught by Ms. iFishMazatlan 2017. Excellent table fare. 

Yellow Snapper: LKA: Pargo Amarillo,  Lutjanus argentiventris

Fun to catch, they don't get as big as Dogtooth or Colorado but taste just as good.